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Zoella’s Popularity Zooms

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The 24-year-old fashionista, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, has made quite the name for herself not only on YouTube, but now within the literary world. Zoella, as she calls herself on her blog, released her novel, Girl Online, on Tuesday, November 25th. After its release, the novel sold over 78,000 copies within its first week. Its outstanding popularity outsold not only Dan Brown’s debut offerings, but JK Rowling’s as well!

Sugg began her career on YouTube as an enthusiast of all things fashion and beauty, writing about her experiences with shopping and beauty products. She was able to do this by creating video blogs, vlogging. Her target audience are young teenage girls who look to her for beauty and image advice. The way Sugg speaks about her beauty tips and tutorials is relatable to many girls in different ways. She is modest in the way that she doesn’t think she knows everything, because she simply knows that she doesn’t. She goes on rants from time to time that you grow to love, while she also provides a little comedic relief like with her stunts including her brother. She inspires young girls to go out and try things for themselves and not knowing how to do things isn’t always bad. Life is a learning process. As time went on Sugg began to make vlogs not only about the outer aesthetics of beauty, but about the beauty that is inside as well. She created videos that gave advice on topics like body image and anxiety. It truly is important for someone like Sugg to be an inspiration and role model to all the young girls out there. She has a level head and knows that girls struggle with more than just looks. She is the epitome of ‘parent-approved’ with not only her beauty values, but also her views toward drugs and alcohol. She simply doesn’t use them and lives happily as she is.


Her bright disposition lead her to a great success in the past year, with now over six million subscribers on YouTube, 32.7K followers on Twitter and offerings from a plethora of companies. She appeared in British Vogue, began her own line of beauty products, was asked by Penguin to sign a two-book deal, and she was chosen for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Fashion and Beauty. Despite all the fame, the British vlogger remains true to her ways as she continues with her posts even after the success and is warmed by how much people enjoy her work.

The next time you’re out and looking for a good read, snag a copy and see what all the fuss is about and support this young artist as she supports all her viewers out there.

To see more on Sugg, check out her websites below:

Read the first chapter on her Facebook page!

Zoe Sugg proudly holds her novel.

Zoe Sugg proudly holds her novel.

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