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Young Voices Being Heard Through Poetry

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Let’s walk alongside the River Thames and see what our young poets and performers are showcasing today as a part of National Poetry Day 2013. The Foyles Young Poets Awards was held on October 3 at the Southbank Centre, London. Last year 2215 young people from around the world participated at the Foyles Young Poets competition in which 15 winners were elected by a series of judges to perform their poems to be collected in the ‘Gorgeous like a Thunderstorm’ anthology. ‘Water everywhere and in everything’ was the National Poetry Day’s main theme this year. In the Clore Ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall, between 1pm and 8pm, the best poetry and slam performances were showcased live, all inspired by the theme of water. Once again, this year’s winning young poets will have their work collected together in an anthology with the chance for their work to be read throughout.


The event was compererd John Hegley and Joelle Taylor, with performances from Wyvil Primary Schools youngest poets, and alongside established slammers and previous Foyles winners. Great poets attending include Simon Armitage, a famous British poet and novelist, as well Helene Mort, a gifted writer who has won the Foyles Young Poets award five times before. The day was free for talented young people to create poetry, put their feelings on to paper, and be able to spread the beauty they see in the world around them. But it’s not too late to get involved yourself; perhaps you could even surprise yourself and find you have a gift for it too.

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