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YAO Interviews: Simi Prasad’s Whole New World

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Simi Prasad

Simi Prasad was only 15-years-old when she started writing her novel Out There – a great piece of dystopian fiction that follows the strong-willed Ava Hart in a male-less civilisation. Sheltered from the truth, Ava is about to learn that you can’t always trust the people who love you. Simi’s novel comes at a time when dystopian fiction appears to be all the rage but her intelligent and evocative writing along with a great protagonist ensures that Out There stands out from the crowd. Very impressive from someone so young! How did she have the time and where in the world did she find the patience? Writing an entire novel from start to finish takes true diligence and determination (things I certainly did not have in spades at that age!) So just how did Simi do it? Watch our exclusive interview with the published author to find out more about Simi, Out There and what went into writing it.

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