Leah Byron

#XXVOTE Campaign

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The #xxvote film that Youth Media Agency created encourages young people, specifically women, to go vote. The film shows a variety of young women hearing from the media information they do not necessarily agree with. #xxvote is a campaign that Youth Media Agency made to inspire them to register so that their voices and opinions can be heard. The short campaign film was shot and edited in one week, which is impressive. Another thing that is cool about this film is that it was made entirely by women. The reason for the campaign is that there has been a significant decrease in the number of women between the ages of 18-23 voting. According to the Youth Media Agency’s website, “in the 2010 general election, only 39% of women aged 18-25 voted in comparison to 50% of young men.” Since young women have not been voting as much as men, the Youth Media Agency decided to launch this nationwide campaign. Since the launch taken place on March 16, the press have been picking up on the campaign, making it known to the public.

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