Writing a Difficult Email? Templates for Success!

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Ever got around to writing an absolutely crucial email, only to freeze up and forget exactly how to process words from your brain without sounding needy/pushy/entitled/grovelly?

Me too. All the time.

So I’ve written a few templates (because templates makes everyone’s life easier) for a few of my own personal ‘sticky spot’ emails that should have you conversing like a pro in no time at all.

These templates are just a suggestion to give you an idea of ways of communicating by email in professional working situations.

1. We met – I’m making contact (at a bar/networking event)  

Dear _________

It was a pleasure to meet you at ____________ on (date).

I thought it may be sensible to drop you a quick email and let you know that these are my contact details. I apologise that I couldn’t give you a business card at the time. I’m waiting to have some printed/I’d run out from all that networking I was doing!/a bear ate them out of my backpack.

If you ever fancy getting together for a coffee sometime to discuss __________, then you can contact me on this email address or my mobile number on ____________.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best wishes,


2. Would you like to come and see me perform?

Dear ____________

I will be performing in __________ at ____________ on ______ (include date/time).

I’d be extremely pleased if you were able to attend and see me perform, as…

a. I’m currently seeking representation and I believe your agency would suit my capabilities as an actor/singer/spoken word poet/belly-dancer/bear-tamer (what’s with all the bears?!)

b. I remember you mentioned you’d be interested to see something I’m involved in at ___________ that one time, and now’s your chance!

I do hope you can make it. Let me know if you’re able to attend and I’ll ensure you’re put on the guest list.

Best wishes,


3. I’d like to apply for a job.

Ah, the real trickster. Here goes…

Dear (Salutation, Surname) OR Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to apply for the ___________ role you have advertised with __________.

(include your standard cover-letter stuff here dependent on the industry and role . Don’t forget to always tweak to suit each and every job application. Also, keep it short and simple. People sifting through CV’s don’t have the time or energy to read a 1000-word essay!)

Please find attached a copy of my CV as requested.

Should you require any further information from me, please do not hesitate to contact me on this email address, or via telephone on ___________.

I look forward to receiving your response in due course.

Yours sincerely/faithfully (respectively to the above greetings)


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