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Opening Lines

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Would you like to have your work broadcast on the radio? BBC Radio 4 is giving you the chance with their annual series Opening Lines! You are only eligible if you have never had your work broadcast on network radio so essentially this is the perfect platform if you’re just starting out.

What are they looking for? The BBC want short stories that work well when read aloud – that means no meandering and overly flowery descriptions of something banal like a chair! Instead, make sure that your story has a strong structure with a powerful opening and ending that will hold the listener’s attention. Opening Lines is open to all subjects and themes though stories featured in past series have tended to be quite dark so perhaps your best bet is not a cheery love story!

The time allotted for each story is up to 14 minutes so submissions must be between 1,900 and 2,000 words in length. The three strongest stories will be broadcast and the writers invited to London for an afternoon in Broadcasting House where they will see their stories recorded. If your story is not selected, there is still a chance that it may be published on the Opening Lines programme pages.

Start writing now because the window for submissions is 6 January  – 14 February 2014. For more details about your application, visit the BBC.

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  1. Stanley Courage Duoghah 30th January 2014 at 21:25

    This looks more detailed and enlightening than what’s on the Opening Lines Page itself. Many thanks for sharing, Nadia.


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