Washington Otim Channels Passion Into Art

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Twenty-year-old Washington Emiliano Otim is passionate about painting, drawing and graphic design. “It helps me to express my emotions to the community in a creative manner,” he says. Otim is primarily involved in abstract art because it “provokes emotions that make the viewers of my paintings really think about my work.”

Otim first caught the art bug at the age of 10. As he grew “the interest and experience in drawing, painting and graphic design made me further interested in doing a specialization in them for a fruitful career,” he says. Friends and parents “merrily allowed and supported me to do something I really loved and always dreamt of”. Washington was also highly influenced by artist Chris Cozens. Jerry Beans also influenced him to an extent. “I was totally spellbound by their work and touch,” says Washington. He accomplished his first pieces of paintings in 2010 when he was working for some of churches and related organisations. “These organisations had good financial capacity and showed a great deal of interest in my work,” says Otim. However, later on he began to freelance, signing contracts with a couple of companies and individuals, including the Emmaus Centre. “Working with various artists and teams made us share our ideas and challenges, thereby helping me to gain substantial experience in this field,” says Otim. He is currently working on his pieces of art and plans to put up an exhibition by the end of this month. He is hoping to have an increase in his clientele.

To stay updated with what Otim is up to, get in touch with him or visit his pages:

Email: washingtonemiliano@yahoo.com
Twitter: @millihanx
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/washington.emilianotim

Below, one of Otim’s oil pastel drawings on paper, entitled “Mother’s Love”:

oil pas 
tel painting

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