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Welcome to the High Street Heist

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The High Street Heist hosted by Somewhereto_ takes young peoples talent to the streets. The campaign started on July 18 and will carry on throughout August. The heist has six main hubs across the UK, in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bangor and Glasgow.

This campaign gives the chance for young individuals to show off their artwork in a way that they love. This will allow young creative people to showcase their work for six weeks on the streets.

The High Street Heist involved artist such as, Crazivity who enjoys creating quirky art and will be able to catch between 22 – 29 August, at 55 East Street, Camberwell, London. Previous creatives showcased include the talented Hazel Gore who specialises in drawing, painting and video. Both attended the High Street Heist to show off their skills and passion.

Somewhereto_ will be celebrating the High Street Heist success on 30 August, by holding an event in East Street, London.

If you are young, talented and want your ‘high street heist experience’, please look on the website and also follow them Twitter to find out more information.

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