Welcome to the Future of Dance

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The next step in dance, Respect My Step is a online platform for dancers across the world to post a one minute dance video that expresses who they are.

The mission of creators Jermaine Browne (pictured below) and Edgardo Burgos is to connect the international dance community through an online platform that showcases the universal language of dance.


Giving dancers from any continent the opportunity to have their work shared and respected, Respect My Step generates a new movement in the dance industry by combining dance and technology.

Technologist Edgardo Burgos and Choreographer Jermaine Brown joined forces to connect their two specialities to answer the question ‘How can technology embrace the dance community?’

Dancers are encouraged to step out of the studio to perform their one minute piece, some take their moves to the streets of their home town, others perform in front of renowned landmarks that represent their country, all are encouraged to explore their self to express themselves through dance, music and location.

Browsing the site takes you on a tour of genres, countries and people with some surprising combinations, find Latin Afro Funk in Poland and watch a hip hop group strut their moves in Isreal.

Uploading your work on to Respect My Step will give you an artistic challenge alongside a platform to showcase your work and connect with a internationally connected network of dancers of all disciplines. Take your first step joining the future of dance at Respect My Step. 

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