Patricia Zamora

Vampires, Zombies and Humans Happily Ever After?

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“I am Britannia. I am your protector. I will fend off the hungry hordes of undead hands that reach toward you. I am your steadfast defender. I will stand between you and the zombie masses as they try to taste your flesh. I am strong, unyielding, and dedicated to your survival. All I ask from you… is your blood.”

Nicky Peacock’s first novel, Bad Blood, will be available from May. It is a Vampires vs Zombies urban horror.
‘A five-hundred-year-old bloody game of vengeance will need to be put on hold if vampires are to survive the zombie uprising. Britannia and Nicholas, bitter enemies and the only two surviving vampires left in London, have to work together to save un-infected humans and deliver them safely to a vampire stronghold in the Scottish Highlands. Unable to drink the zombie ‘bad blood’, the remaining vampires need the humans to stay alive. But will the vampires tell the survivors who they are and what they want from them? Will Britannia be able to hold back her vengeance for the greater good? Is survivor Josh the reincarnation of Britannia’s murdered true love? And can she bring herself to deliver him to the ‘safe’ hold? Survival instincts run deep, but bad blood can run deeper.’

Could a world exist where vampires, zombies and humans live together? This is the idea that Nicky Peacock is able to make us believe with her stories. She is a writer who loves the supernatural world, plenty of horror and paranormal romances.Nicky’s passion is terrifying stories and she has been telling them since she was a child, when she told stories to her friends at school.

Today Nicky combines her passion for writing with her job in sales and marketing. In her free time she works with a writers group, Creative Minds. There are 12 members and their writing ranges from general fiction to horror. Being in contact with people who share your interests is useful because ‘having like-minded individuals around you will help to keep you motivated and of course give you the time and attention you need to flourish as a writer.’

If you want to know more about Nicky, her publications and Bad Bood visit her website and follow her on Twitter.


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