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Unsung Lilly: The Soul of Tomorrow

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As if one leading lady wasn’t enough, this “quirky pop” band has two sultry lead vocals. Their sound combines soulful blues with a pop undertone that marries old school rhythm with a modern twist. This little band with big sound hails from Surrey, consisting of lead vocalists Sera Golding and Frankie Young alongside musicians Allan Salmon, Russ Carr and Wayne Riches. The band’s new EP Time Changes Mind recently came out on iTunes.

Despite their name, Unsung Lilly is anything but quiet. Speaking to lead singer Sera, she says that the band’s name was actually inspired by her great grandmother. In wanting to find out where she got her creativity from, Sera states:

‘I found the creative side in my great-grandmother, who was called Lilly. She was a musician and an artist, but of course in those days she never really got to do much with it because she was a mother and a wife. One day she came home to find her husband cheating on her, and she sadly died there and then of an asthma attack, from the shock. People say she died of a broken heart. I thought it would be nice to dedicate the band to her by using her name.’

What makes Unsung Lilly so unique is their focus on real music. Their acoustic sound is a key part in what makes the band’s music so authentic and raw. With one listen, it’s obvious that the band puts their heart and soul into their music, focusing on themes of love, loss, and life itself. Their soulful vibe combines the sounds of the past and present, using many techniques to achieve that old school bluesy feel. Emotion bleeds through the music and lyrics, reminding the audience that music does not always have to be complicated to be good.

Unfortunately, in today’s industry, record companies are not as likely to take chances on passion as they are pizzazz. But, from Unsung Lilly’s perspective, they think people are ready for a change in the music world. The music scene has seen a significant change in the past couple of years, allowing less mainstream acts onto the music scene such as Mumford and Sons or Adele. The band says:

‘People seem to be ready for some proper music again. We get so many messages from our fans saying that they are so into our music because it feels real. Yes, we haven’t spent as much on recording our tracks as other artistes signed to a major label, but it doesn’t matter because what we’ve recorded is truly ‘us’ and we hope it comes across that way.’

Keep in tune with Unsung Lilly and their new tracks by visiting their website.

Nicole Mellion

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