Nadia Rasheed

Turn Back Time at The Hexham Abbey Festival

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The 61st Hexham Abbey Festival runs from 20 – 28 September and this year they’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Benjamin Britten who composed innovative music from opera to film. In his memory world-class and aspiring artists alike will visit Hexham to perform and commemorate his lasting contribution to the field of music.

Discover artists on the rise with the ‘Young Musicians Platform’ where you can listen to live music and instrumentals – perhaps you’ll discover some new talent to look out for in the future! Travel back in time to the Renaissance with the ensemble Passamezzo. They’ll present a programme of music, dance and spectacle in the historical setting of the Abbey. The world’s leading harp quartet 4 Girls 4 Harps will also feature, performing some new arrangements as well as their most popular works.


The Festival Exhibition will showcase The Lindisfarne Collection (based on the designs of the Lindisfarne Gospels) – a range of fine embroidery and textile art. Take a look at the array of beautiful pieces and if you’re inclined, purchase something too! For more variety visit the Queen’s Hall Arts Centre where Hexham’s local theatre company will be staging a magical folk-tale sure to delight audiences.

Visit the website to download the Festival Booklet and find out more information on all the events and how to book.

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