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The Cluster II Exhibition

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I recall the first time I ventured into an art gallery I was ten and clearly more interested in drawing a T-Rex. Of course as you grow up you learn to appreciate the finer things in life like soup and a fine cup of cha (tea for those who haven’t quite made it).


Well, as much as I’ve previously denied the world of modern art I have given in to my old man’s inherent love of drawing and illustration. I can recall my innocent days of drawing dinosaurs and sonic the hedgehog on my English books at school, which for all intents & purposes was a tad naughty. Though upon a visit to the Cluster II exhibition at the SW1 gallery in Victoria, my admiration for the expressive part of art increased tenfold. Cluster II is the follow up from the successful first edition showing at Carnaby street.

Displayed are fine art portraits and constructed provocative works merged with South American artist’s along with English pieces. Among the talented artists present at tonight’s launch are Mexican born Geoff Diego Litherland (pictured below) who already at the age of 26 has been internationally considered for his futuristic dystopian images.


He has studied art for the best part of his life and continues to explore within his art the tension between the natural world  and the effect the human race has imposed on it, a statement which he explains at tonight launch which  is the focus on the Majority of his work.

Rodrigo Soto Bueno, 26, (pictured below) originally from Brazil specializes in collages with distinct striking Latin imagery.


The works on display here represent in many ways the  most productive means of a neat cultural exchange without the pencil pushing and political backlashes.This gallery serves purpose that art has been about bringing people together through expression and disregards dismissive stereotypes and social barriers.

SW1 Gallery Proves the barriers are still getting positively knocked down. There is a strong cause that both Rodrigo and Geoff shall continue to be the shining examples to other aspiring art heads for the future.

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