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The Casitas: What’s not to love?

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Pop bands are not what they used to be. No more matching outfits, high pitched tunes, or cheesy choreography. The Casitas are five great looking guys, not all about the glam but about the music. All around feel good music, the band produces party beats that you can’t help but dance to. The techno pop vibe bursts through the speakers like a breath of fresh air, capturing today’s  generation through song. Recently bagging Best Music Video at the South West Music Awards, The Casitas are making way with their uplifting music.

Originally from Exeter Devon, Casitas formed in 2008. The band consists of Felix Bush, James Lapraik, William Knox, Barnaby Bowles-Bray, and Edmund Wilkinson. Currently, the band is spread out across England finishing up their last year of uni. Despite their separation, the band has recently released their first EP Stamen and Stigma.

Being a band of five guys, they all have similar and differing musical preferences which, as they say, ‘makes for an electric mix of sounds and styles.’ Originally intended to be a funk band, the band still aims to create a good groove and danceable vibe in their music. Of their music making process, they said:

‘When we’re jamming out new ideas as well (it sounds cliché) but it’s a creative process so we feel what should be being played, so in that sense various different musics influence us subconsciously.’

When performing, the goal of The Casitas is to get the audience energised. They want the crowd to feel like dancing or singing along. Of performing, the band says:

‘When the audience is engaging with us and our music it makes the performance way more enjoyable and rewarding for us, we’re selfish really. When performing we want to have fun, and we want the audience to have fun (we’re not that selfish). We like an audience to hear something they haven’t heard before and essentially like it.’

The band’s music is definitely unique, combining pop, funk, techno, and a little bit of rock to create their signature sound.

In terms of struggles in today’s music world, Casitas has been very fortunate. At this stage in their career, the band is able to record and distribute their music themselves. Despite having recently signed with Velvet Whistle Records, the band is confident in the fact that their own creative vision goes into everything that is released.

Casitas’s recent music video, winner at the South West Music Awards, was inspired by Herman Hesse’s  Siddartha. The song is about the fear fear of the unknown, and in this case particularly, the anxiety for what you should be doing, which direction your life should be going. The song is very relatable to youths of today, many of which who don’t know what they want to do with their life and take things as they come. As the chorus suggests, ‘no one knows exactly where their life should be going, but if you take your time, everything will become clear and you’ll understand it.’

Seeing as the guys are still in school, their first album is being held off until after graduation in the spring. However, the band is still writing, still gigging, and ready to start recording. The Casitas can be seen performing at Chagstock 2013.

To find out more about the Casitas, like them on Facebook.

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