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The Art Of Fish

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When you stroll across your environment what do you see? What do you really see? Yes maybe many a bin man picking up garbage, a shop window displaying the latest i- what-cha-ma-call-it. But have you wondered about the deep meaning behind the streets you grew up in, the history of the place you live? How do our streets shape who we are positively, negatively and can they form a basics to look at our own personal timeline?

Richard Fish is a visual artists who applies his observational skills into his photography and has been steadily carving a reputation in the art world for his work aims to capture everyday folk in the street going about their daily business whether their going to work or simply popping down the shop to buy the milk, but its the way he displays that image to a suggestive angle which is both humorous and in a documented style.

For all you enthusiastic art heads this is art that’s provocative and arresting, for Richard Fish isn’t just displaying the seemingly mundane nature of two old ladies walking past a phone shop. Some say the purpose of art is to incite the observer to think or to form their own ideas of what the image portrays from their own perspective. Richard Fish has clearly been in deep practice with his photography as the integrity of his work shows an accurate eye for the picaresque within the supposedly drab and meaningless.


Richard’s imaginative, humorous visuals of the urban landscape were such that he  reached the final of the student street photography awards and he still strives to find more gems hidden in the streets that those who really look can discover. Keep your eyes open there’s more to your streets than Argos and chicken shops.

Check out more of Fish’s work here

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