Thainara Salomao “There’s nothing creative about living within your means”

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Twenty year old Thainara Salomao is absorbed by film and has a lot of passion for it. Alongside that, she has interest in several alternative aspects such as photography where it can be really handy in the shooting process. Thainara’s passion for film began recently in 2011. As a matter of fact, experiencing video editing software’s and the desire for computer and technology caused her to have a great interest in filming. As a film producer and photographer, Thainara is a promising individual with the ability to meet everyone’s expectations.

Strongly influenced by “my parents where they allowed me to do things I wanted and they also supported me a lot” said Thainara. Film allows her “to express the simple aspects in life”. For instance, on the pre-wedding video, “I try to shoot things that people don’t really care”. Therefore it allows Thainara to “express her mind and it gives me freedom to show people different things in different ways”. Thainara’s alternative reason for having a lot of desire for film is the influence of a Brazilian professional filmmaker called Fred Ouro Preto from Brazil. Influenced from the music video’s that he’s produced. Specifically “influenced by hip hop, rap music and urban style”.

Keeping updated with the impressive collection video’s Thainara produced, asked her which particular video she’s proud of the most. Instantly without any hesitation “newborn photo-shoot”. The reason the video was created “in order to show that newborn photo-shoot is a new fashion in film and photography industry” according to Thainara. Besides, Thainara not only claims that newborn photo-shoot is a new fashion in film and photography industry, she believes that “it shows how important it is to capture those special memories of when the child is a newborn. http://

During the filming process, editing the footage is the best part for Thainara. For the reason that, she “likes to give life to the video by containing some soundtrack and sound effects to the footage. When it comes for filming, Thainara prefers to collaborate with the whole team in order to get different camera shots and gain a lot of experience by sharing each other’s ideas.

Thainara’s advice for young promising talents is “to get as much experience possible, doing volunteering work and watching tutorials. With Thainara’s theory she believes there’s always a chance for improvement in certain areas.

By the end of the month, Thainara hopes to finish a short wedding film. She admits that “its really challenging because filming a wedding you got to capture every moment and show the audience the kind of feeling two loved couples can have to each other only from camera shots. As a matter of fact describing things that can’t be described unless experiencing it such as love or feelings through a camera glass is something very often to see with a young filmmaker.

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