Tari Eguruze

Tate Labs: The Performance of Transparency

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The Tate Modern are opening up their East Room to the Tate Labs Workshop on Saturday 7 December. Tate Labs runs a different workshop the first Saturday of Every month.

Tate Labs is an event curated by 15-25 year olds as a part of the Circuit programme. The free workshop is called ‘The Performance of Transparency‘ which will be looking into different approaches to maps, models, and structural diagrams. Dominic McGill, a sculptor and draughtsman, will be leading the workshop and offering an introduction to cosmological diagrams and mind mapping in response to Mira Schendel’s Graphic Object installations at Tate Modern. Similarly to Schendel’s work, participants in the workshop will be able to experiment typography and text based imagery through collage in order to produce 3D models and maps of the word around us. Be part of a collaborative portrait that maps ourselves, our aspirations and how we might achieve them.

Admission is are free, but book here to ensure a spot on the workshop.

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