Lauren Franceschini

Art Textiles: Displaying the work and inspirations of Marian Clayden

Running until April 17th at the Fashion and Textile Museum, The Festival of Textiles seeks to display the contributions of the brightest textile developers, artists, and designers in the UK through a series of exhibitions, installations, and research. In collaboration with the Festival of Textiles, Art Textiles is a unique exhibition that features the work […]

 Nadia Rasheed

Turn Back Time at The Hexham Abbey Festival

Turn Back Time at The Hexham Abbey Festival

The 61st Hexham Abbey Festival runs from 20 – 28 September and this year they’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Benjamin Britten who composed innovative music from opera to film. In his memory world-class and aspiring artists alike will visit Hexham to perform and commemorate his lasting contribution to the […]