Leah Byron

Artist Alert! Marta “Lepomiere”

Marta is a Spanish artist and at the ripe age of 20, she has made a name for herself through her Instagram and Tumblr. She became popular quickly, and even sells her work by doing commissions all across the world. She mostly draws people in a realistic way, practicing several different forms of both physical […]

 Mary Babin

Zoella’s Popularity Zooms

Zoella’s Popularity Zooms

The 24-year-old fashionista, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, has made quite the name for herself not only on YouTube, but now within the literary world. Zoella, as she calls herself on her blog, released her novel, Girl Online, on Tuesday, November 25th. After its release, the novel sold over 78,000 copies within its first week. Its outstanding […]