Lauren Franceschini

Menuhin Competition 2016: London to host “the Olympics of the Violin”

Marking the 100th anniversary of Yehudi Menuhin, one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century, the 2016 Menuhin Competition will take place here in London from April 7th-17th. The 10-day event features 44 of the world’s best young violinists under the age of 22 in a host of formal competitions, recitals, and more. Each […]

 Mercedes Fraenzel

How Cool Conducting Can Be

On a Wednesday morning I was waiting at Strand Campus to meet up with Bertram Yap, a conductor in his final year at King’s College London’s music department. Bertram kindly took the time to talk to Youth Arts Online about his passion for orchestra and his pathway within the competitive music world. Seeing as we […]

 Cassie Jones

The Stage is Set for the Eurovision Young Musicians Contest

Most people have heard of the Eurovision Song Contest, which draws over 170 million viewers annually from across the globe. Far fewer, however, are familiar with the Eurovision Young Musicians contest. Since 1982 Eurovision’s biennial Young Musicians contest has brought young talent to the stage, allowing countries the chance to showcase their best musicians under […]