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Sword play and Stage love: Dan Burman

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The action stars of today can often walk-the-walk but many times its the role of stunt coordinators and fight experts who engage the actors into realistic bone breaking fight scenes, without their knowledge and expertise the likes of Bruce Willis would not be packing any punch. Dan Burman, 25, is a enthusiastic actor and accomplished fight coordinator having graduated from the East 15 acting school he has gone on to grand heights both on our own shore and in the home of Hollywood,  LA.

He was one of the first actors to train in an exclusive programme in fight performance and in doing so loaded an arsenal of skills reeking in awesomeness such as martial arts, fencing and horse riding.

He starred in the last instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides as part of Blackbeard’s scurvy crew and was at the heart of the epic final battle. He also had a part in the gruesome second Human Centipede picture (doesn’t end well for his poor self.)

More recently he did some of his nifty sword work on fantasy flick  Snow White and the Huntsman.

Mr Burham is perfectly adept in his portrayal of a multitude of characters be it comedic or serious dramatic roles.

So if if you want to know who are the real swash bucklers and butt kickers of the stage screen, witness the skills of Dan Burman.

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