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The Student Wordsmith’s Design Opportunity!

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The Student Wordsmith is on the look out for a talented new designer to work with them on the creation of their new, student writing journal.

About The Student Wordsmith: “The Student Wordsmith is about bringing together the work of emerging, new creatives, showcasing potential unknown talents, and publishing them into collaborative collections or end products that focus on the useful, meaningful, and important topics of everyday life.” The Student Wordsmith was created by Sophie-Louise Hyde.

1. Join the “You Is For University” Competition, which closes on January 1, 2015.
2. Send online submissions of poetry, prose, drama and/or featured article for online publication.
3. Join a workshop in creative writing, presentations and/or events for schools, colleges and organisations across the country.
4. Volunteer with The Student Wordsmith: 1-2 week volunteer placements to students and/or graduates wishing to gain experience for their CV. E-mail [email protected] for more information.

To get involved, check out the webpage:

To find out more: Contact them on [email protected] with the subject title: ‘Journal Cover Design’.

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