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Up and coming Asian music sensation Rikesh ‘RKZ’ Nitin Chauhan announced that he was one of the new ambassadors for UK charity, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). RKZ (pronounced ‘Ricks’) is a 22 yearold musician from Luton.

As a young man, he believes that helping others is one of the greatest things out there, besides making music. He has gone on to focus his work with CALM, aiming towards Asian communities within the UK. RKZ has been an ambassador for CALM since February 2012.

‘As human beings, we often stick to routine because it is safe. A world that is there for the taking, provided barriers are broken. Provided ego is broken. Provided we cease possibility. And this is what I have tried to get across in my music’.

After leaving the University of Westminster, he has created his own music, co-founded indie music label DAS Records, created mix tapes, and stayed in the top 5 for 7 weeks in the Brit Asia TV Chart Show.

RKZ along with the vocal talents of Sian Sanderson, created a brand new single ‘Superstars’ for the Charity. The music video is directed by RKZ, and features the UK mental Health Charity CALM.

Rachel Clare from CALM states that ‘RKZ had been a huge asset to CALM over the past few years as both ambassador and supporter. His creativity and outlook on life is inspirational to the men we are trying to reach and without RKZ on board, our campaign would be poorer for it’.

The single Superstars was covered recently in Clive Anderson’s BBC Radio 4, and is already causing a stir through the UK music scene.

‘We were delighted to have been involved in “Superstars” and for the Save The Male message to get exposure to an audience we wouldn’t necessarily have been able to reach without RKZ’s support. It is through creative projects by men such as RKZ that we can spread the message that ‘Being Silent Isn’t Being Strong’ and for that, we cannot thank him enough. He’s a true ‘Superstar’.

CALM provide a free, anonymous and confidential helpline for men to contact if they need help, support or more information. The campaign is to help change the mindset and challenge the stigma associated with male mental health. For more information, CALM’s official website can help.

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