Jack Dykes

To be a Soul Sister: The Audition Blues

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The X Factor is in full flow and if I’m speaking for myself, auditions need not have epic flashy close ups, big stages and a dressing down from Gary Barlow. Presently those within the acting circuit understand the cut throat nature of the audition process which in musical theatre is highly intense, competitive, takes hard boiled persistence to get that key role and embrace the dazzling lights. I speak from experience!

Today the Paddington Arts Centre saw a wealth of young aspiring ladies seeking a role in the hit musical Soul Sister – a dazzling show stopper on the life and times of Ike and Tina Turner depicting their musical glory alongside their dramatic chaotic marriage.

Joanna Femi Olu, 20, Leonie Elliot, 23, Portia Harry, 21, Sian Nathinal James, 20  and Ydia Frazer, 23, all have similar backgrounds in dance training and musical performance.


They express clearly the hardship of the audition process is not the performance itself as so what the judges are sometimes not specific in what they expect for the role. All the women have been performing since they were very young, (Leonie from six) and henceforth understand the strenuous nature of auditioning and have come to believe that judges should be more detailed in what they desire in their performance.

I wish them good luck and from witnessing the great effort and true grit in the dance sessions today I hope they are repaid with the role!

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