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Find Your Start with Seed Jobs

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Seed Jobs is the new kid on the block tackling the very topical problem of graduate recruitment and youth unemployment. The core  idea of Seed is to solve the issue of asymmetric information between employers and candidates by reversing the process of recruitment: employers apply for candidates. Not only does this relieve the pressure and stress from students studying hard for their exams, but more importantly, it allows for young people to really stand out and show off what makes them different – something that is simply not possible in the standardised CV framework. Seed encourages employers to search for candidates based on the strengths and skills they need to succeed in their new roles, and not based on the experience they may have had to date. They want to eliminate the disadvantages of CVs and application forms, in attempt to rightly shift focus onto what is most important to employability.

Founded in January this year, Seed Jobs operates with a clear ethos of helping candidates to best present themselves, their experience, and their skills to potential employers, as part of their mission to shift focus away from just qualifications and university reputations regarding employment. The Founders Murad Saidov, Abakar Saidov, Quin Murray and Michael Paterson bring a wealth of experience in recruitment, finance, marketing and product development and went through the system themselves not so long ago, going on to work for major US investment banks prior to creating Seed. Over the last few months they have expanded their team and are now eight people crammed into a kitchen and garage in South West London. Their office is a hive of activity, programmers tapping away furiously, whiteboards being scribbled on and house music blaring. Outside, there are eight bikes – everyone at Seed prefers the green mode of transportation.


Seed Jobs goes beyond just helping young people find jobs; it is a personalised career service that is far more than a recruitment site. The team at Seed actively take in interest in helping young candidates to learn how to market themselves the best they can, and to clearly showcase what makes them employable. When helping candidates it is best to get them to consider what they need in order to qualify for a desired job, rather than just what they think they need to have. The aim is for the candidates to understand and be able to identify what exactly is expected of them to qualify for a position.

Seed Jobs also recommend positions for candidates who may be unsure themselves of what to apply for. The suggestions are based on data collected from other similarly experienced and qualified candidates. The same can also be done for employers who are looking for someone, but are not exactly sure what to look for. Seed can advise employers to look for candidates with a specific set of skills based on other job opportunities.


Data from the site, as well as feedback from candidates, employers, universities, and their students are all regularly collated and fed into improvements to the site, improving functionality and design. to creating the perfect recruitment experience.

Seed Jobs are determined to create the perfect recruiting experience and  is already operating with roughly 1000 candidates signed up and a dozen employers on board and using the site. So far they’ve been to a number of universities, including Oxford and Durham, to talk to students and staff about the graduate recruitment process for feedback, and how they can help each other. They have plans to go to a further 20-30 more universities over the next coming months once the site officially launches next year.

Recently Seed Jobs initiated their Guru scheme, wherein they build a network of representative students from universities around the UK. These gurus will speak about Seed Jobs on their behalf, spreading their ethos, raising awareness, and helping anyone interested.


As their slogan’s suggest – find your future, set your path, and see who you can be – Seed Job’s priority is helping candidates to build and showcase their experiences and skills, while at the same helping employers to value what is genuinely relevant to the recruitment process, and giving driven young people appropriate jobs.

Find your start with Seed Jobs today. Check their facebook and twitter for updates.

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