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Say Hello to Stalker

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Stalker. It wasn’t just the irony of the name (since I was the one that was doing the stalking trying to find them) that drew me to this band, but it was also the fact that it was such a different name that I couldn’t help but click on the “see more” button. A unique name for a unique band. I had the pleasure of meeting lead vocalist and manager Paul Hale to talk about some of the experiences and thoughts of this recently formed band.

Originally from Colchester, Essex, Stalker are a four-piece, one year old band who have been active with their first self-titled EP which was released in March of this year with band members David Hale (Drums), Paul Turner (Bass), Dan Currie (rhythm guitar) and Paul Hale
(Vocalist and guitarist). Getting some positive feedback from BBC Essex and Radio Suffolk, it seems as if this band is unstoppable. With their newest track Kelly Brook the Stalker fan base seems to be growing from Essex, and spreading to the rest of the UK.

I managed to embarrassingly walk past Paul, only to then realise, as I went down a flight of stairs, that the guy I passed, was in fact Mr Hale himself. After apologising for about 5 minutes, I sat down to find that Stalker were just as interesting as a band with their strong Indie Pop sound and their creative influences like Jimmy Hendricks and The Police, as well as their name or appearance. I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re likeable just as they are interesting.

Where did the name Stalker come from?

It’s a bit of a tricky question really. I don’t actually know where it comes from. I think, I came up with Spoiler, since we were looking for a band name. But then the boys didn’t like it so they changed it into Stalker. There wasn’t actually any reason behind it, which is what most people
ask us. There’s no sinister reason for it, it’s just a name.

Did you have to go through a few stages to get to the sound you’re producing now?

Erm, no, I think you just go off in the direction of your influences over the years. Me and Dave were brought up on Jimmy Hendricks, The Police stuff like that. I think all of the influences you take and all the different bands you go and see, that comes out in your music. I think that
everything just falls into place really; you just find your style quite naturally.

What inspired you, or is still inspiring you to keep playing?

I think, seeing how other artists succeed in festivals and stuff like that. Yeah, like how these bands do so well in their songs and that makes you sort of want to keep on writing. I think the other thing is, just to write something that you’re happy with. Meeting good quality people helps too. It inspires you to give it a go.

What are you currently working on?

We’re working on another EP with a guy from Canada actually. I tweeted him, since I liked some of the stuff he produced. Just to see if he’d be interested in working with us. So he’s going to fly over, hopefully in October to record it with us. I think this will be the best one because, I’m a lot happier with how it’s turning out. We hope so anyway!

How do you write your songs? Is there a song writer within you guys?

What normally happens is that I come up with something on the guitar and then Dave will listen to it, and play around with some ideas. I’ll go away and write the lyrics to it. It all comes together that way. Lyrics are always written last with us, which I think is the other way around compared to other musicians.

What’s the hardest part of being in a band in the music industry?

The hardest part is disappointment. It’s the sort of thing that drains on your self confidence. It’s really the disappointment of turning up to a gig that’s no good or when someone says they want to do something with your song, but then it doesn’t happen. In the beginning, there are
more negatives than there are positives, you have to go through a lot of rubbish before you get to a good place, but it does get better.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of a band?

Just getting a chance to perform something that you’re proud of in front of people. I think, playing together and creating a good sound is great. That’s the lovely side of it and the best side is when you get a good reaction! When you go out and play something that people really
like or they like the way you perform, and that reaction that you get, that’s probably what you do it for.

Give me a quick break down of the history of Stalker.

It started off with just me and Dave at a young age, playing a few covers and stuff. Then we found Paul Turner, our bass player. His brother was actually fronting our band at the time, but unfortunately he suddenly passed away. Paul then left for a little while because he didn’t feel comfortable. We found another bass player, Josh, and while we were teaching him, he was a Leukaemia patient. So we had a band going, the three of us. But when the Leukaemia came back, Josh passed away. Paul came back a year later and then we found Dan.

Is it hard, working with your brother?

Sometimes. Sometimes it’s great but then, other times… I think, when it’s not going so well that’s when it starts going difficult. Your brother is the first person you want to have a go at! So, it’s hard, but when it’s good, it’s good. Musically, we work together so well. That’s what helps us drive on really.

I’m a huge fan of the song Kelly Brook. Was there a story behind it?

Aha! It was literally the case of me seeing her on telly and I think at the time, in the papers, there was that spat about her and Jordan and so I think I saw her and I thought ‘Ooh!’ and obviously she’s quite striking so I thought that I might write something about that. She’s
actually tweeted about it so yeah!

What advise do you have for any aspiring musicians out there?

Don’t play London too early. There’s this thing with bands that they think that they have to play London, but it just doesn’t work like that. The best thing you can do is create a buzz in your local area and then work your way out. That would be my advise. Don’t run before you can

Keep up to date with all the latest Stalker news on their website and Facebook page.

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