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Remix Competition: A Band Called Quinn

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A Band Called Quinn

If you’re a D.J looking for a chance to show your talent, then this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
A Band Called Quinn are hosting a remix competition for their track Forget About It, from the multimedia show Biding Time (remix).

Produced by Tromolo Records, Biding Time (remix) is a collaboration between A Band Called Quinn & Grid Iron’s Ben Harrison.
The show, in which the audience wear silent disco headsets, is a response to Pippa Bailey’s story, Biding Time. It features live music by A Band Called Quinn, film by Uisdean Murray and performance artist Diane Torr, being based on Louise Quinn’s experiences of being signed to a major record label.

The competition’s winning remix will be released on Tromolo Records, with the winning remixer receiving tickets for the show, a tour round the set, drinks with cast and crew, as well as their very own rabbit mask.

If you are interested in the competition, submit your entries to [email protected]. The deadline for the competition is  April 18.

To listen to the original track click here

To download stems for the track click here

For for more information about Biding Time (remix) click here

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