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Explore Poetry & Comics with Chrissy Williams

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The Poetry School is offering a one day ‘Poetry & Comics‘ course in London in the beginning of November.


‘The Bear of the Artist’ written by Chrissy Williams and Illustrated by Tom Humberstone.

Under the guidance of Chrissy Williams, you can spend the day learning how to express poetry through the visual language of sequential comic art. The course will explore how  poets and writers like William Blake, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and contemporaries like Matthea Harvey and Bianca Stone have also explored visual poetry.

You can read what Chrissy had to say about what to expect from her upcoming course workshop here.

1) I have some artwork from a wonderful comics artist which has been donated to the class.
2) To make use of found materials which can be shaped into artwork.
3) To follow the examples of Kenneth Koch who did a lot of verbal panel grids, without using pictures at all.
4) To show poets how they might initiate their own collaborations with artists, encouraging further exploration.

The workshop is open for anyone to to join. There is no requirement for you to have previous artistic experience to join, so don’t let that discourage you. Hopefully you’ll learn some artistic techniques that you could apply to your own poetry after delving into different ways comics can be presented.

For poets who are completely new to comics, I would recommend reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics as it gives a useful overview of what tools and techniques are at the disposal of comics writers and artists, as well as being a very interesting look at the history and theory of the comics medium.

The workshop is held on Saturday 2nd November from 10.30am – 4.30pm. It costs £69, £62 for seniors, and £55 for concessions. Book online here.

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