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Burning the Ground: Belinda K. Zhawi

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A keen poet who believes in the power of action through words, its communication, the will to educate and fascinate so it’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow wordsmith. I prefer the phrase word-clive but that’s yet to make it into the public embrace.

The wordsmith in question is the delightful Miss Belinda K. Zhawi.

Hailing from Zimbabwe, she now lives in London and with her love of relentless reading took full use of many of London’s literacy giants which would then fill her mind with grand inspiration. This eventually evolved into her definitive poetry style:

Today I became a real Londoner,

I felt with those who have

The same spirit as mine.

I have never felt more British,

Yet more removed. I cry all

The time. Today I cried for the

Boys who choose to burn the ground

Since the tender age of 17 Belinda has consistently written piece after piece, and studied the greats. Under the guidance of poetry impresario Polarbear she gained good structure in her work and the means to be fully expressive without being overly complex.

Belind’s poems eminate from a sensitive nature and fearless hard-hitting turns of phrases, all of of which echo her time and experience growing up in Zimbabwe and the venture into English life. Her poems strongly reflect how proud she is of her roots.

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