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One to Watch: Spoken-Word Poet Tom Kwei

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As a spoken-word poet, Tom Kwei knows that his genre can be one of the most powerful means of storytelling. He also knows that a visual element can amplify its power. That’s apparent in Kwei’s short film “Boxing Days,” a collaboration with 23-year-old filmmaker Edwin Louis. The film, funded by the Youth Media Agency, portrays with spoken-word poetry a universal theme: the “boxes” of identity that chart the course of one’s life. Following its premiere at a British Film Institute international festival, Kwei is now in talks with various small film festivals to show the film. Kwei’s also in the process of writing the second episode of spoken word web series, ‘What They Said’. The show follows five poets during the course of a night, charting their lives and loves through their poetry. There’s also a new video entitled ‘Third Person,” a poem that looks at the elephant in the room that emerges when you drunkenly kiss a friend in the works. Not bad for someone who only started performing in the summer of 2013.

For more on Kwei and his work, follow him on Twitter at @tomkweipoet and check out the Episode One of “What They Said”:

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