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Nicole Shana’e Gordon-Harris: Passion for Fashion

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Trying to start your own clothing business isn’t easy. Nicole Shana’e Gordon-Harris knew what she wanted to do from a young age and all her hard work is producing beautiful designs. 

What inspired you to start making clothes?

Since the age of seven I have had an eye for fashion. I was creative and enjoyed making garments and accessories from the smallest things. In primary school I enjoyed taking art classes where we would draw pictures and make things. What inspired me was after leaving school I found it hard to find a job that I enjoyed and realised that my passion was for designing. After speaking to my mother and cousin we decided to take this interest further and start up our own business.

Why do you put writing and little quotes on you designs? What messages are you trying to get across by doing this?

The writing and quotes we put on clothes is us expressing how we feel about life. We also customize clothing for clients to meet their own individual needs. As a young designer and being around many young people I feel that I understand how they feel and express it on our clothing.

How long have you been in the design business?

I have been in the business for many years but officially started getting everything together from March 2011. I have enrolled to take an Enterprise Business Start Up course in March which will give me more of an insight into starting up my business properly.

Where can people buy your clothes?

At present we are not selling in shops but have plans to in the near future. We have started to build our website where our clients can buy directly from us. We have had sales through our Facebook page where we take orders from clients.

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Do you make the garments yourself?

At present all our baby garments and accessories are handmade and customized. Our range of adult clothing are sent off with the designs to be made.

Who is involved in your business? Do you have any investors?

I work with my mother and cousin. Currently we are not receiving any support from outside companies so we are doing pretty much everything ourselves. We are currently looking for someone to sponsor us.

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