Newcastle Arts Festival

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Owing to the previous two years of success Newcastle is welcoming back a programme of arts events, workshops and exhibitions in a jam packed schedule running from 15-18 August.

Music, arts, film and comedy with a touch of magic are being represented at this year’s event taking place in various venues across the exciting city of Newcastle. Although most events are scheduled and listed within the official programme, there are some promised impromptu performances due to take place in public places…People of Newcastle, expect the unexpected and embrace what you behold…

Newcastle Arts Festival is keen to share the talents of artists of all genres by hosting an impressive variety of workshops. There truly is something for everyone with a breadth covering Ukulele tips, cake decoration (see how long you can admire it before scoffing) and a Samba workshop for those musically endowed and noise worshippers (be prepared for your kitchen to become a highly technical drum kit).


Many gigs will be taking place across the weekend with young bands including The Rupture Dogs (pictured above) and NI Soul Troop adding energy to the bill in very different ways, the former being heavy metal and the latter jazz/ska. Equally energetic and enjoyable.

Perhaps the most intriguing event of this year’s festival is ‘Propeller Music.’ Self fashioned as ‘an interactive sound installation which invites visitors to spin mechanical propellers’ essentially creating your own music within a gallery setting… Confused? Yes so am I. Having an exceptionally low internet presence, this may well be the event to watch out for, offering an interactive, artistic and musical experience all at once.

For the full schedule of the Newcastle Arts Festival visit their official website for details of all acts, events and activities.

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