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Move your feet at DanceLive

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The Dance Live Festival celebrates contemporary dance and takes place on Friday 11, October to October 31 around Scotland.

The festival will show many different types of modern moves by very talented people who love to dance. This will be for all age range audiences who like to watch people come up with unique dance moves.

The show includes live music, which has always been an important aspect for the festival to engage with the audience more. The Dance Live will be running throughout October and acts such as Smallpetitklein will perform on October 15, Within This Dusk led by an award winning choreographer, Thomas Small. The performance creates different movement for this to become a storytelling piece towards the audience.

Another act Bright Night International and Xena Productions will also be performing 925/HeartBeatz. 925 involves activities like contemporary movements but with a playful hint of Hip-Hop. HeartBeatz is live beatboxing of an approval musician Bigg Taj.

There are many different types of performances that the Dance Live Festival are holding. To find out more please look on their website and follow them on Twitter.


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