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Meet Kimberley Brook: Makeup Artist.

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Everyone wants to look special on their wedding day. Some ladies are pretty confident with applying the blush and powder however with  an experienced make up professional you get more long lasting effects and your prettiness can make even make Darth Vader blush.

Meet 24 year old Kimberley Brook who hails from Yorkshire where she has primed many a bride for their wedding day. It’s not just bridal make up she specializes in. Her position as a freelance artist gives her the chance to explore new areas of make up design having worked in TV and film. Kimberley uses top of the range make up that most of us can only dream of, it is both heat and water resistant – prepared for the sweat and tears of acting!

She’s also worked on advertisements and fashion shoots who need her artistic skills and steady hand. As well as make up she’s totally sound as a fashion pound on hair dressing/wig making. Kimberley’s skill set doesn’t stop there as she is also highly experienced in the magic of special effects and prosthetics. Kimberley is keen to teach her trade and offers regular tuition for those aspiring to tickle the eye brows of Brad Pitt.

Kimberly ‘s passion is such that she is fully aware of the importance of building up her profile thus her portfolio is growing at the speed of a frantic airbrush and with this attitude is exactly how she intends to make it big and showcase her creative talents on a much wider scale.


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