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Maricelis Galanes’ Life is a Work of Art

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Nineteen-year-old Maricelis Galanes lives and breathes art. Every one of her hobbies expresses an art, and she puts her heart into everything she does. As an actress, singer, dancer, model, pianist, and writer, Galanes has a promising future and a heart of gold.

In her hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico, she had a contract with a Modelling and Acting agency as well as The Black Box Theatre Workshop company, which got her involved in fashion, commercials, plays and musicals a few years ago. Since she came to Syracuse University in New York, she has spent a lot of time concentrating on learning about each art and improving them.

“Thankfully I have been part of many great opportunities and even more since I started college in Syracuse,” Galanes said. “From participating in multiple student films, senior collection fashion shows, singing in concerts, to dancing and acting in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) videos, every opportunity has opened a door for me, meeting new people and preparing me for my future in the industry.”

Her passion culminates in her belief that all of the arts bleed together and are involved in one another.

“In music there is acting. When I sing I interpret the life of the character and show their emotion across my voice. In music as well as in film there is a writing component. In film there is music that accompanies the emotions of the moment. And in dance there is music to dance to and emotions that are felt across the movements,” Galanes said.

This interpretation of art also shines through in the degrees she is pursuing in Drama and Psychology. Galanes said she combined the two fields to get a broader and more real understanding of the human being.

“In drama I learn about all the great plays, playwrights and the history of theatre. I also take music, acting, dancing and voice classes. I learn about the industry in my theatre management and production classes,” Galanes said. “With psychology, which is one of my great passions, I have the opportunity to really know the human being, why we do what we do and think the way we think. This helps me to create and impersonate different characters.”

She has so many influences throughout all kinds of art, but they are all well grounded and focused on their careers as well as creative and inspiring. She admires actresses Penelope Cruz, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Lupita Nyong’o, Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson as well as actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Johnny Depp, Christoph Waltz and Mark Wahlberg. For her music influences, Lana Del Rey, Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli, Disclosure and Coldplay inspire her.

Her favourite things about all of her art is the final product: “There is a certain energy and fulfilment inside of me every time I perform for a public. After a lot of hard work and practice, analysing characters and trying on different clothes, the best part is at the end when you finally get to show all that effort,” Galanes said.

Recently she is most proud of a music video she starred in by an up-and-coming EDM duo called Synchronice. She had the opportunity to act and dance as the lead character in the video.


Galanes’ advice to all young people aspiring to pursue a career in the arts is to study, explore and educate themselves.

“This is what will make you different from all of the other million people who are trying to get into Hollywood,” Galanes added. “And also don’t be rushed to make it. Live the moment and enjoy your youth because it’s not coming back. Use your college years to prepare yourself to be ready for the competition in the industry.”

In the future, she wants to focus her career on acting and eventually become a well-known and respected Hollywood actress. She wants to continue music as well, and she hopes to eventually found an organisation for education across the world when she’s older.




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