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Make Your Own Theatre

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Theatre Delicatessen is launching a great new initiative for young aspiring theatre-makers – SPACED 2014! In February 2014 they will be offering 15 residencies to chosen companies and artists. If selected you’ll be spending all your time at the former BBC London headquarters (this means access to rehearsal rooms and studios, performances spaces, production offices and more!) You’ll then be given your own exclusive studio space where you will develop a scratch performance or installation over a period of two weeks in response to the question “Is It Worth It?” This will then all culminate in a Souk Festival of new performance in March 2014. Working with Theatre Delicatessen’s creative team also means that there’ll be plenty of help along the way.

Theatre Delicatessen are searching for companies and artists that are vibrant and entertaining so be sure to do your best to stand out from the crowd. An open day will be taking place on 15 December where you will have a chance to explore the building and chat about your project. A panel of theatre professionals will then review all applications till the final privileged 15 chosen ones are selected.

Visit the Theatre Delicatessen website to learn more about the application process (applications are due on 6 January) and sign-up for the open day! This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a great space, meet professionals and eventually create and develop a legitimate piece of theatre to showcase in front of an audience.

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