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A Look Back at 2013 with World Press Photo

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© Paul Nicklen

© Paul Nicklen

From 8 – 26 November, the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank Centre will be displaying the World Press Photo Exhibition. Viewers will be taken on a journey throughout the world in the past year simply through photographs in this unforgettable exhibition. The images explore relevant issues in the world today such as poverty, violence, crime, and more.

World Press Photo is an independent, non-profit organisation that was founded in the Netherlands in 1955. It strives to inspire and better expose people to the world around them through photography. It does so by organising competitions, exhibitions, and educational programmes. The foundation has been wildly successful in achieving its goals and hosts exhibitions in many countries across the world, including the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and more. The World Press Photo Exhibition in London displays 350 winning photographs from the foundation’s annual competition. The chosen images were selected from a pool of over 100,000 submissions taken by nearly 6,000 photographers from 124 countries.

The winning photographs that are displayed in the World Press Photo Exhibition were chosen for their ability to evoke and inspire emotion in the viewer in hope of initiating change. These images are taken from across the entire world and capture vastly different people, places, events, and emotions. Some of the photographs are horrifyingly graphic while others are heartwarming and inspiring. Regardless of their origin, subject matter, or the feelings they evoke, all the images in the World Press Photo Exhibition honestly display the world, news, and culture of the last year in the hopes of demonstrating the power and importance of photography and visual journalism.

The World Press Photo Exhibition runs from 8 – 26 November 2013. The event is free to the public. Head over to the World Press Photo’s website, Facebook, and Twitter today to learn more.

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