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Life’s Journey Captured in One Snap by Johanna Macdonald

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Johanna Macdonald is originally from New Zealand where she started to take pictures when she was a child. Then she decided to become a photographer.

Johanna’s work ranges from fashion, children, weddings and even documentary. She shows us original points of view and tells stories in her pictures. For example, in her wedding books she doesn’t just show how is the wedding, she also speaks about her preparation.


Johanna tries “to take a mixture of natural documentary style, posed and some that may be a little different or quirky”. In her pictures she put attention in little details that could be unnoticed. Joanna’s pictures transmit casual and natural moments. In most of them people are not acting or looking at the camera, they are just being themselves. Her pictures are about little details like funny socks, jewelry or a groom with his friends.

As you can see, in her documentary pictures, Johanna brings us the Brazilian life with two projects. One is Pro World, which is based in a school in Salvador, and the other is the Afro Reggae Project, based in Rio.  Johanna remembers that was “wonderful seeing what the groups are doing for these communities. The Afro Reggae Project is inspiring youth in the favelas with music. I heard music throughout, large groups of children practicing percussion with their teachers”.


In her documentary photography, if the image is of a person, Johanna wants “to capture something about them and possibly show something about what is happening in their life at the moment”. On the other hand, with fashion, she “could be trying to transmit a certain vibe or tell a story”.


“There are so many photographers I love: Annette Pehrsson, Jonas Peterson, Lucy Rice, Henri-Cartier-Bresson and many more”. She learns about other professionals and makes her own style.

Johanna is fortunate to be earning her living doing the job she loves. In the future she would like to gain more experience and possibly get into wildlife photography

If you want to see more photographs of Johanna and follow her work, check the links below:

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  1. tasnim 2nd October 2013 at 14:09

    i think its amazing that she fulfilled what she’s always wanted


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