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Les2Coquettes Brand Beginnings in the Fashion World

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Would you like to wear your own design? Les2coquettes have managed to do it! Caroline and Alice are two Italian ladies who like painting and fashion. They have mixed their two passions and they have set up an imaginative clothes brand Les2coquettes.

When they arrived to London they decided to make their dream become a reality and they started making and selling their own clothes brand. They showed the designs on a website and they set up a stall in Brick Lane every Sunday. More and more people got to know them every day and Les2coquettes has become a recognisable brand.

‘There is nothing better than working in what you like and expressing yourself with everything you do. Sometimes you have to work hard, but when you see your work finished and people wearing the clothes we designed, we feel so proud and happy.’

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In each design, Alice and Caroline ‘want to transmit our feelings and emotions, everything that goes through our heads.’ They are free to express how they feel and how they see the world. Their drawings are personal and speak about their lives. They take the inspiration ‘from everything that happens to us, from chatting in front of a beer to last thoughts before falling asleep. Every graphic is based on our lives.’

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For their future plans, they would like to live only on t-shirt profits: pay the rent and eat with Les2Coquettes business, and expand in to more than t-shirt designs. The girls want to sell their clothes in all stores across Europe, and with their passion and determination, it won’t be long before you will be walking past Les2Coquettes designs across the continent!

Shop Les2Coquettes via asos and etsy.

Visit their website and like them on Facebook to keep updated with their journey in to the fashion industry.

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