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Getting to know London with Antonio Durán

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‘When I take pictures of the city I feel good and free. I take pictures of the things that have a good vibe for me. I like to see life from a different point of view, not just from the one we are all used to.’ This is what photography means to Antonio Durán, a Spanish photographer who lives in London and shows his view of the city on his pictures.

Antonio is 25 years old and he has been interested in photography since he was a child. When his uncle gave him a camera, he realised photography was his passion. The thing that he liked the most was taking pictures of his family. He didn’t want to miss any moment with them. ‘One of the best things about pictures is that you are able to keep with you the good and special moments forever,’ said Durán.

‘Sometimes it looks like you even have emotions in your photos, like they have a special magic.’


One year ago Durán left Spain and arrived in London. At the moment, he is working in an office while improving his English. However, in order to develop his experience as a photographer he always finds the time to ‘move around the city and get lost in its corners.’ With his pictures, he shows us a different way of seeing the city. He believes sometimes things can be different if you see them in several ways. You can find aspects that you had never seen before.

Antonio has different projects in mind but at this stage they are just ideas that have to be made real. He thinks that everything can arrive in life and he hopes he will finally get what he wants with his pictures. He says that he is not in a hurry right now because doing things in a rush is not good.  ‘Everything has its moment, like a photo.’ He thinks that London can offer him this opportunity because it is a good place to grow as a professional.

With his pictures Antonio not only wants to show beautiful places, but also express different points of view. He wants people to feel right when they see his work. He likes different subjects but especially the urban photography. He photographs things that could be happening anywhere in our city, but we are just not aware of it. Apart from pictures of cities, he makes abstract photography by duplicating the image or playing with the colours.

Nowadays it seems that taking pictures is something that all of us can do. Social networks have plenty of photographs, but not all of them are professional. We cannot forget that taking a good photo is not easy. You have to know how to make the most out of your camera, how to manipulate it, how to play with the light, the colours… Powerful pictures can remain in the viewer’s mind forever. Sometimes the ideal picture suddenly appears, but some other times you really have to look for it and work hard to get it.


Antonio surprises us with his new pictures everyday. If you want to check out his photographs, follow him on facebook

2 Responses to Getting to know London with Antonio Durán

  1. Nadia Ruiz García 22nd March 2013 at 14:41

    This is my little bird! You’re going to be the best in photographs! Nooo… you’re the best now!

  2. Paqui 22nd March 2013 at 15:03

    I know Antonio, and I love his job. I hope he has very good luck.


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