Janvier Wete – I would like my films to challenge film conventions

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Twenty-two year old Janvier Wete is consumed by film and has a strong desire for it. Janvier’s passion for film began a couple of years back in 2010. His interest in film comes from music and painting. The places that Janvier has travelled and people he met “are my biggest influences into film” said Janvier. Majority of the things he participates is always related to film including his hobbies, and everything he does he puts his heart to it. As a Director, creative directing and editor Janvier is a promising youngster with a long bridge to cross no matter what fate throws at him during his journey.

Influenced by a video artist called Nabil “he’s just a creative filmmaker who tries to make music video unusual, and away from conventional music video. Conventional how things are suppose to be. His work is just pure genius” he said. Which Janvier admits to be one of his major influences during his career so far. An alternative influence on Janvier’s career is a director called (Kahlil Joseph) ,

Janvier’s alternative reason for having a big passion for film is that it allows him to express what’s in his mind, “it brings what’s in my head into the real life”. Ultimately, according to Janvier’s true intension is that “I have no idea what I’m doing, or why I love filming or why I love looking at arts, or why I love crafting project together or why I love taking pictures, but all I know is that how these things makes me feel whenever I’m doing them… I feel all at once at peace, happy and free”.

In terms of his work collection, I asked him which particular piece of work he’s proud of the most, and only with an instant with not a second to spare he instantly replied “my most proud work so far is my upcoming short film, L.I.F.E.” (Which is completed and will be released at the end of the month at a various locations across London). In addition he added that “ the reason being this film is made to inspire creativity in our culture.

In the meantime Janvier is working in another potential TV show called “Barbershop” alongside two other short films. One of them is about postcode war in London called “Postcode Red”, and the other one is called “Once about modern youth relationship” which will be finished soon.

The process when working on a film where you can collaborate with other creative individuals is what Janvier admires a lot. “You can get to see how your initial idea gets to develop to become even something better” he said. “For instance, the initial first idea of the L.I.F.E. film got developed to become something completely different to what it is now, due to other creative people that I meant during the process of making this film. Collaborated with graphic designers, music producers, painters, poets and fashion designers etc.”. Janvier prefers collaborating with other individual that’s are talented or with very experienced and prestigious artists, even though he’s one step behind. Since there’s individuals that work together Janvier can pick up new aspects and build up to his knowledge.

Janvier’s advice for film directors? “there’s not a right way or wrong way to create a film, whatever ideas you have in your heads go on and do it!, and please do collaborate with other creative individuals because creativity is a group thing and you learn from other creative individuals.

In the near future, Janvier hopes to finish off his incomplete piece of work “L.I.F.E.” film as soon as possible. However Janvier admits that his current role (as a director) is really challenging. In the future Janvier is looking forward to take things to a higher stage “I would like to create films in the big masses, films that would be in the national/international cinemas, but I would like my films then to challenge film conventions”. Based on the answer he has given, It seems that Janvier is willing to open a new chapter of films that will contain new elements and different from other films that might’ve been based on basis conventions.

Janvier’s announcement of the upcoming short film (L.I.F.E.) that he’s completed will be screened at the end of the month and “everyone is invited to it” including “bloggers, musicians, ordinary peeps EVERYONE!”.

Be sure to stay updated with the things that Janvier Wete has finished and upcoming projects by visiting the FaceBook page: toujour ,Twitter and instagram page: @commetoujour, website: and stay in touch with Janvier by email: [email protected]

Trailer for the upcoming short film L.I.F.E.:

Trailer for Made in Brixton show:

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