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Mo the Comedian

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Mo The Comedian is a quirky young comic who has had a successful career in comedy. He has a very distinctive and unique delivery to his comedy that leaves most people in stitches. He chats to us about his highlights. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into doing comedy?

I’m a comedian from London. I also host the Sunday Show, which is a weekly show which has been running for 3 years which takes place every week.

I got into comedy mainly from me studying performing arts at college & university and a few people said I should give it a try so I performed at my friend’s aunt’s wedding then wrote some material and performed at an open mic which went really well.

Who has inspired you in the past?

A lot of the UK comedians like Lee Evans & Peter Kay as well as people like Chris Rock. I’m inspired by comedians and the craft rather than just one person.

What are you currently doing to promote yourself as a young artist within the comedy industry?

Mainly just performing as much as I can and collecting new supporters – It’s the best way to promote yourself in this type of industry. People want to see you in person rather then being behind a screen on YouTube or behind funny tweets on twitter.

What kind of comedian do you see yourself as?

I truly don’t know but I always like to keep my audience guessing on what I’m going to say and do next. I’m still early in my comedy years so I’ve got time to still perfect my craft a little bit and find out what kind of comedian I really am.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Wow. 10 years is a long time. I never like to say where I’d be in 10 years but more what I would have achieved within that space of time. Hopefully be able to perform around the world – that’s my ultimate dream and if that happens within 10 years I’d be really happy.

Do you have any advice for young comedians who are trying to break into comedy?

Perform at open mic nights. They are a good way to start trying out material and gaining confidence in front of an audience. Also – be yourself! You can only be funny if you be yourself. Watching your favourite comedian all the time will only end up in you mirroring them. Just be you.

Tell us a joke

[Laughs]… You’ll have to come to my next show to hear a joke!

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