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Inspire the Uninspired

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There is a sensation of anxiety running through your hands as they await the next thought that is going to form. You don’t know what you want to create, but you think that it could be from that really curly mustache on the guy who was riding in the train across from you. Despite the reasoning, you know that the desire is there. Now the unfortunate reality is that you’ve come to a standstill. What do you want to create? Where do you begin? You didn’t take a picture of the mustache, and you are too flustered to think of any good ideas other than sketching that banana you are going to eat for breakfast. Luckily for you we have some tips that might be able to get you through this artistic block.

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1. Look up pictures on the internet. The internet is full of ideas whether you Google search keywords or get fancy and go on Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re drawing for yourself, there is no harm in copying a piece of work. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. However, if it is for more than your own fancy, you might want to give that artist credit as well!

2. Make it your own. Take a picture and make it your own. How do you feel about Harry Styles? Make his wild locks into a vibrant lion’s mane or give him that mustache that you saw earlier on the train.

3. Use photoshop. Can’t draw these images on your own? Play around with a couple pictures on photoshop to create something that is original out of other people’s photos. Using references is a common part of the artistic process. Mix a couple together to draw up a little inspiration.

4. Step outside. Go find that mystery man who had that enticing mustache. Find a rock that inspires you to create a colony of rock people. Sit and sketch out the world around you. If the world isn’t interesting enough, find a museum and draw inspiration from artists around you.

5. Find art that doesn’t require paint. Read a book and draw one of the characters or scenes. It is common to listen to music while you work, draw something that comes from the song. Try out different genres and see if any do the trick.

Illustrator Morgan Davison describes her process of creating her artwork.

Illustrator Morgan Davison describes her process of creating her artwork.

Always remember to just breathe and take a break. Sometimes inspiration comes when it’s time for you toyou least expect it. Keep a journal or a note in your phone every time you come across something that interests you. Write down conversations, take pictures of clouds, record the song from the guy at the open mic night. Maybe after the 100th telephone booth you’ve seen that day, there is one that has the most beautiful shade of red. Regardless of where it comes from, there is inspiration everywhere. Now, pick up your pencil and start sketching.

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