Jack Dykes

High Hopes for Triad of Film Makers

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High Hopes is the graduation feature film from three deadly ambitions film makers composed of Director Romano Pizzichini, Writer Ashden Oke and Cinematographer Ryan Harding.

They mixed their creative juices for a cocktail of dramatic portions. A feature film centered on the everyday vigour of growing up. A snapshot of urban life in East London where options are broke and the future’s a bit of a blurry eyed beast. The two main characters are Andre and Kassei. Enjoying their life as teenagers and making the most of their youthful passions, although both of whom both look to have grand  futures for themselves but the means of finding their individual paths may just land a blow to their friendship.

The three used their powers of persuasion and determination to spread the film publicly in London and especially concentrated on the films local appeal – shooting took place in Homerton and Bethnal Green. They gained a screening in Daslton’s Rio cinema and took a major step in submitting the film to the glitzy prestigious Cannes Film Festival. If this wasn’t impressive enough it is also due to be screened at the Raindance festival.

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