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Hazel Gore’s experience with Somewhereto_restore

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Hazel Gore, an artist from Glasgow took part in the High Street Heist to show off her fantastic drawings and paintings. The 24 year old focused her artistic images on small complex dream-like images to show imaginary characters or scenarios. The surreal artist tells us about her experience exclusively to Youth Arts Online.

HG_A_view_from a_child's_window_in_the_night

Hazel Gore: I am very pleased that I was selected to participate in the Somewhereto_restore project in Glasgow, ‘The High Street Heist’. It was very exciting to be given the opportunity to exhibit my drawings and paintings in a large, bright space, on a weekend in Glasgow’s busy city centre.

This kind of opportunity does not come about very often so it was a great chance to learn some new skills, to exhibit and promote my work.

I had never been involved in a pop-up exhibition like this before so it was a good excuse to learn how to install my own work. This is something that galleries have normally done for me so it was good to be given the chance to hang my work myself. I had to have some creative control when experimenting with the composition and layout for my exhibition.

I feel like my exhibition was a success and I received lots of exposure and positive feedback about my work. The organisers at Somewhereto_ and DNA supported me by promoting my exhibition and work on social networking sites such as, Facebook and Twitter.

This was a very useful experience because I learned that there is a lot of trialing involved when hanging an exhibition. I ended up hanging some different drawings to those that I had planned to hang because they worked well together as a group and in the particular space that I was exhibiting in.

This gave me the chance to make some amazing new contacts. I volunteered to help set up for the launch night and I met some other artists who were also helping out. This was a good opportunity to network and I met some people with the same goals and aspirations as me. It was interesting to find out what other young artists are up to in Glasgow and got to discuss the possibility of future collaborations.

Help was also available from the organisers when needed. One of the organisers, Alison, was a great help when installing my work because she is a perfectionist like myself. We spent a lot of time discussing the layout of my work and she gave me some very good tips.

Overall exhibiting with Somewhereto_ was a great experience and I would definitely do it again. I’ve benefitted a lot from this opportunity and it has helped me in developing my career.


‘The High Street Heist’ has opened up a number of opportunities for Hazel, including the chance to meet potential buyers. You can check out her website and follow her on Twitter.

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