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Hazel Gore talks about her upcoming exhibition

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Tangerine woman and the feral children_sml

Hazel Gore, an artist from Glasgow is holding her exhibition at the Virginia Gallery alongside Catriona Paterson between the 7th and 28th of March.

The exhibition named “Her/Story” that is about Maiden or Mother, Virgin or Seductress, Goddess or Monster, Real or Fantasy. The image of women and her stereotypes in Fairy-tales and Storytelling is explored; subverted in this exhibition of work by two Glasgow-based women mixing elements of both the traditional and modern in an imaginary and recognisable nightmares and dreamscapes.

Hazel specialises in producing drawings and paintings that form a dream-like image, which usually illustrates her fictional characters and scenarios. She also directs and produces short, surreal films that have been screened in venues in cities from all over the world, including Venice, San Francisco, Sydney and London.

The 25 year old explains the method behind her work: “For the past year I have been experimenting with drawing as a method of storytelling. Most of my drawings are very small, intricate, dream-like images that usually convey fictional characters that I have created.”

The artist often begins with writing to help develop characters and up coming plots that are usually confusing. She adds: “Each drawing can be described as a tableau of a scene from one of my stories or concepts.”

“Characterisation is important in my practice and I have developed many of my characters by observing people and through personal experiences. I think that many people can relate to the characters and the themes in my drawings such as loss, confusion and isolation. My characters are usually metaphorical and symbolic, for example, ‘Tangerine Woman,’ ‘Negative Head,’ and ‘Poison Ivy.’ Some of the characters I have created appear several times in various drawings, manifestations and in different settings.”

Hazel’s drawings are inspired by the idea of a graphic novel and her focus is on characterisation and storytelling between fine art and design.

Catriona Paterson working a long side Hazel graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Tapestry Fine Art in 2001.

The 26-year-old works with whatever medium best suits her needs at the time and while she is still working currently in live performance and film, her love of drawing has never disappeared. She is heavily influenced by stereotypes of women in the media and in graphic novels, cartoons and with her love of horror movies.

Visit Hazel’s website:

Twitter – @HazelGore_Art

exhibition flyer

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