Hannah Twigg: Teaching 10,000 People Make-Up from Her Bedroom

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Hannah Twigg has nearly 2,000 YouTube subscribers following her make up and fashion tutorial BooksBeforeLooks at just 18 and without any professional tuition. Youth Arts Online speaks to the Buckinghamshire beauty to find out the secrets of her success.

What spurred you to post your first tutorial on YouTube?

It was only after I’d decided that I definitely wanted to become a professional make-up artist in the future that I felt confident enough to start a channel and post videos.

My first ever video was a Hermione Granger hair tutorial. I chose that because it was a style I wore regularly and had copied closely from the Harry Potter films. I filmed it as a form of procrastination as I was actually meant to be revising for some upcoming exams and despite the fact it’s on a low quality camera, pretty poor editing and I was very awkward in front of the camera, it remains my most successful video recently hitting 10,000 views!

What is the hardest part of making a video tutorial?

Making sure that everything is right whilst filming as often I’ve made mistakes without realising whether it’s make-up mistakes or colour setting mistakes on my camera and then I won’t realise until the editing and I’ll want to kick myself. I also find it difficult to cut down my videos to a reasonable length. Make-up tutorials can take 40 minutes to film but I’ll have to edit them down to around 10 and that can be very hard.

What inspires your blog posts and tutorials? Do people request certain techniques – if so what is the most common?

Sometimes I can be very inspired and an idea will just pop into my head and I know I’ll have to film that. Other times I’ll trawl through my YouTube subscription box or BlogLovin’ page looking for inspiration.

Occasionally I’ll have some sort of series going on such as my vintage make-up tutorial series that I just finished on YouTube. People do request videos sometimes and depending on their popularity or how much I like them I will do them. I get requested make-up tutorials or hairstyles I’ve worn in videos often but my most requested video ever was actually a bookshelf tour which I did a couple of months back.

How did you learn your hair and make up skills?

At the moment I’m completely self-taught. I just practice either on myself or my friends a lot which luckily they don’t mind, they even want me to help them with their hair and make-up for our upcoming prom!

YouTube is also a great place to learn as there are professionals like pixiwoo, Tanya Burr and gossmakeupartist who have so many great tips and are amazing to learn from. However come October I will start my university course in makeup, hair and prosthetics so will begin to be taught professionally which I think will be really beneficial to my YouTube and Blog.

What do you think is the greatest fashion faux pas?

With fashion I’m not really sure, there are people who seem to be able to pull anything off whereas if I put it on I’d look like a clown. With make-up it’s got to be wearing the wrong colour foundation so you get a bad ‘tide line’, or maybe my 13 year old self thinking that bright, glittery turquoise eye shadow everyday was a great look!

What fashion/hair/beauty brands do you admire and why?

I’ve always been a fan of cheap and cheerful so for fashion I adore primark, I don’t believe as some people say that it’s that bad quality and you can find some amazing things in there. I also love charity shopping as it’s a great way to find more unique items.

For my hair I use anything I can get my hands on although I do like tigi products a lot. Make-up wise I love the highstreet/dugstore, I think MUA, Rimmel and Revlon are all fantastic. Recently though I have begun to buy higher end make-up and my favourite has got to be the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay – they are heaven in a palette!

What would be your ideal career path?

At the moment I’d love to become a make-up artist for TV and film. I’m drawn to the diversity of make-up in films as it can be anything from beauty make-up that’s similar to photo shoots to creating 7ft tall blue monsters. My dream career would be going back in time and being a make-up artist for 10 years on the Harry Potter films as the make-up and prosthetics in those films really inspire me with what I want to do.

If you could work with any celebrity for a fashion shoot who would it be and what style would you want to try out on them?

Part of me wants to say Taylor Swift just because I’d want to meet her and she’s gorgeous but I think I’d have to say Emma Watson because she has the kind of face that would suit any type of make-up. I’d love to do a beauty photo shoot with a strong vintage twist of either 40s or 60s as I love vintage make-up and am really drawn to those eras. I also think Emma Watson would look stunning made up as a 40s pin up girl or a 60s mod.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to set up their own blog and make video tutorials?

Just start – don’t wait for everything to be perfect such as a perfect camera or set out blog because if you keep waiting you’ll probably never start. Just give it a go and you can always delete it later on. Also don’t get bogged down and worried about the number of followers or subscribers as that shouldn’t be what drives you, if you enjoy what you’re doing then people will enjoy watching or reading even if it takes a while for them to find you.

Keep up to date with Hannah’s latest advice and tutorials by watching her blog and following her on twitter and instagram.

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