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Hana B: Breaking London

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‘The best thing of being in a band is to realise that your music, your own creation, matters to someone and that they let you know so.’ This is what having your own band means for Hana B, a group formed by four Italian guys in their late twenties.

They have been immersed in the music world since they met at school as children and all play different instruments. They eventually decided to set up a band in their hometown in Italy and are now trying to break in to London’s music scene.

In Hana B every member is important individually to create their sound and their talent fuses together to make their melodies. Valerio plays drums, Francesco play bass, Fabrizio sings and plays guitar and Alessandro plays guitar and keyboards. When it comes to the lyrics Hana B ‘all write, and often we write together.’

In their songs they speak about emotional landscapes, something that has to do with their inner life and memories. Sometimes you can even find political views in their songs but the most important element for them is to say more with music than with images. ‘We express things with songs that can’t be captured by a camera. Drawing this “landscape” is different for each person.’

Hana B’s hit song ‘I Miss You’

They arrived in London 5 years ago and worked in various jobs to earn a living. Now they are trying to focus on their band becoming a full time profession. Being a part of a band is more than a career for Hana B, ‘when a band plays together they are like one person’. Francesco thinks that ‘it is great when after jamming for a while, you feel like everything is getting in the right place, like a jigsaw, and you find yourself in the stream of the song, kick and bass hitting the right spot, guitars and keys holding tight to each other, vocals developing their natural lines.’

To write their songs Hana B draw on everyday experiences they encounter, ‘the main source of inspiration is the world itself, as you see it in your everyday life. Inspiration comes from moments like when you are walking down the street and you see something and suddenly you feel you don’t want to let that go.’

Hana B are looking forward to having their songs in the London musical scene. They have a new album coming up in June and you will find it in the stores this October. Until then, check out their tunes on their website.

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