Jack Dykes

Guney’s Poetic Voyage

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The Danish born music producer/rapper discovered his passion for rap music as a message; he saw a vision of Hip Hop that made audiences think as a opposed to just tapping those feet. His musical birth came at a young age as he taught himself the keyboards and saw that he had a way with hard hitting lyrics.

His inspiration came upon viewing Denmark’s most famous rappers Outlandish who carved out a politically, socially conscious musical output. This realisation hit like a ton of inspirational bricks for our man from Denmark and thus Guney pursued his ambition to create a name for himself in the Danish music industry.

He also realizes the importance of education. He succeeded in gaining a degree in marketing a very useful skill in handling your self in the ever changing industry that can be cut-throat at best.

But it’s to Guney’s great credit that he continues to home in his craft at music and businesses skills.

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