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Francesca Smith: The Jewel with Style

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Francesca Smith graduated from London School of Fashion with a BA Honours in Jewellery Design and amongst her designs are unique eye catching displays with a gothic edge.

Her approach to her work is highly creative with powerful theme. Francesca is inspired by the images of the British Victorian era, and no it’s not all men in huge top hats and dirty chimney sweeps. In fact she has taken her work to a new level, and is fascinated in contemporary society’s attitude to death.

It’s difficult for many to deal with the passing of loved ones and there are some who keep their emotions silent. This was somewhat different in Victorian society as many were more open and expressive in terms of mourning. So Francesca has taken full advantage of the latest visual technology that’s needed to match her far out approach to jewellery design.

Her graduation collection is named Memento (which means ‘remembering’ in Latin) and in this project she dedicated all her fierce attention to detail to perfect it.

There are a lot of a human hands at show in the collection and some were intricately crafted using the latest 3D software combined with her sparkly imagination. What stands out in the concept of Francesca’s work is her interest in the Victorian era’s eccentricity – like how they would keep locks of hair from their dearly departed. An idea which she brings to her work using her own human hair as part of her materials.

The Memento collection was a real labour of love and is probably Francesca’s biggest achievement to date. However she would love to be a junior designer for one of the top brands to learn more about the industry before eventually, starting her own line of boutiques.

We will watch her rise and rise and rise. In the meantime, you can watch Francesca’s chat with us above and let us know what you think below.

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